Mindset: What It Is And How To Change It

Let's start with a definition.

A mindset is a mental attitude that governs the way an individual interprets and responds to situations. It's accumulation of beliefs, thoughts, perceptions: about yourself, others and about every aspect of the world around you.

From early childhood as we experience life, we develop an understanding of who we are and what the world is about. We grow up adopting our parents' attitude as well as learning how to think and behave based on our environment - school, society, books and mass media.

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Inspect Your Money Mindset Even If Money Isn't A Struggle For You

Money Mindset: inspectHaving a business is perceived as a ticket to freedom. More and more people these days aspire to become their own bosses, build multi-million dollar companies, create financial freedom or cash in on their passions.

I think the trend is right because the world is changing and we need to start taking responsibility for our future.

Yet statistics still show us a high failure rate for small businesses.

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