Mindset: What It Is And How To Change It

Let’s start with a definition.

A mindset is a mental attitude that governs the way an individual interprets and responds to situations. It’s accumulation of beliefs, thoughts, perceptions: about yourself, others and about every aspect of the world around you.

From early childhood as we experience life, we develop an understanding of who we are and what the world is about. We grow up adopting our parents’ attitude as well as learning how to think and behave based on our environment – school, society, books and mass media.

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How Conflicting Values Cause Struggles And What To Do About It

Have you ever felt internally pooled in two different directions? One part of you wants this, another part of you wants that and it seems impossible to bridge these two parts. For some people it often shows up as a struggle between a desire of success and a fear of failure. For others it can be an inner conflict between a need of earning money and a yearning for contribution, integrity or meaning.

The root of these struggles is in conflicting values. They contradict each other on some level. Sometimes it’s easy to spot it, sometimes you need to dig into your mental maps to realize where there is a conflict.

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5 Lessons Learned From Working In Sales With A Tech Company

In October 2013 I joined a local tech startup to assist them with sales. Even though I’ve been hustling for my own business for about two years, it was still a completely new experience for me as I never worked in a sales position before. But I was eager to get sales experience. So when this opportunity came up, I quickly jumped into it.

It’s been only four months so far and it’s a part-time gig but I’ve learned quite a bit. Well, I was pretty lucky to lay my hands on an excellent sales course that this startup produced with Howard Olson as well as be mentored by CEO who has years of sales experience under his belt.

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My Experiments With Learning To Be Happy In The Now

Had ambitions, sacrificed, achieved it all. Not happy. Still everything feels not quite right. New goals. New sacrifices. Still unhappy.

I used to believe life is all about achievements and sacrifices rather than happiness in the now. I was eager to sacrifice everything in order to accomplish more and then one day down the road to be happy. But years went by and this ‘one day’ was still somewhere far in the future.

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