6 Content Strategists On How To Use Content Marketing To Drive Revenue


Small businesses hear all the time how effective content marketing is but often they are resistant to allocating their limited budgets and precious time to it because:

  • Good content takes time to develop;
  • And it doesn’t immediately lead to paying customers.

Even though it’s time-consuming and you won’t see ROI today, content marketing – when done well – can become the driving force in your sales machine for years to come.

To help you look at it from different standpoints, I reached out to 6 content strategists with one question: “How can content marketing help small businesses generate leads and drive revenue?”

With so much stuff published online every minute, it can be a real challenge. So let’s discuss content marketing from this angle.

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~Create “Thirst” With Your Content~

“Give away the popcorn, sell the iced tea.” That’s the secret to content marketing. In other words, great content must do the following: educate and motivate. By giving away valuable education within your industry (the popcorn), you are not only making yourself useful to customers, but you are also showcasing the need for your product (the iced tea). Content creates a “thirst” to use your product in order to succeed. Why do you think the Help Scout blog is chock full of customer service advice, stories, and statistics that show how great service can be good for business? It’s because I want readers to think, “Hey, great service really does seem like the way to go, maybe Help Scout can help me provide it!”
Gregory Ciotti
Marketing Strategist | Help Scout
Twitter handle: @GregoryCiotti


~Your Content Should be Useful And Epic~

The first thing for small businesses, whatever the business, to realize is that no one cares about our products or services. But the good news is, consumers are engaging in more content every day, but are more discriminating about what they let in. That means if small businesses can develop content so useful, so epic, that customers and prospects subscribe to get that content, they tend to reward us by ultimately buying our stuff. The easiest place to start? Answer the questions your customers have online (perhaps a blog) that your competitors aren’t answering. Do it in an authentic, interesting way. Do it consistently over a longer period of time. You have all the weapons at your disposal to be a media company worth paying attention to. Now is the time to make that happen.
Joe Pulizzi
Founder |
Content Marketing Institute
Twitter handle: @JoePulizzi


~Focus On The Challenges They’re Facing~

Content marketing – when done right – is one of the best ways for small businesses to attract clients. People are searching for what you do or sell online, so by creating relevant and engaging content you attract prospects into your inbound funnel and convert them over time. The challenge is creating content that moves customers towards a purchase decision, which means focusing on challenges they’re facing in addition to entertainment. The best kept secret is curation – you can build an effective content strategy without creating anything, if you know how to curate to build an audience.
Alexandra Skey
Co-Founder |
Twitter handle: @AlexandraSkey


~Showcase Your Expertise & Build Credibility~

Content marketing is a very powerful way to boost your search marketing efforts. I recommend it to all my clients looking to improve their search rankings and get more leads online. With Google’s latest updates (Hummingbird was the most recent one), your content plays a major role. Answer questions your customers are asking and create valuable resources. Your content is also an important way to boost your credibility. People buy based on trust, so use content to engender that. You can showcase your expertise with blog posts, videos, downloads, e-books, etc. all of which you can also use for your social channels. Content marketing certainly is king, as they say.
Martina Iring
Small Business Marketing Consultant |
Twitter handle: @MartinaIring


~It’s Not A Campaign But Rather A Commitment~

Content Marketing is not a campaign but rather a commitment. More importantly we are evolving into an age of context over content. A business needs to determine why the content is needed. How will the web audience view, utilize and act after viewing such content? The one element that is often overlooked is how to distribute such content and leverage your brand following. Content distribution, repurposing and sharing is the key element to the success of a content marketing strategy. Much emphasis must be put into the user journey of a web audience and the intent is to help develop and generate leads or inquiries. They say that businesses have to change to allow for a content strategy however it is safe to say that business are being changed because of content marketing.
Bosco Anthony
Digital Marketer and Business Growth Strategist |
Twitter handle: @BoscoAnthony


~Compelling Enough For Them To Come Back~

My objective is to create an experience for the reader that looks something like this: “Wow, that’s me. I have that problem too. How the heck did you solve it? Oh, wow, really, that’s how you solved it? I think that’s something I could do too. In fact, I’m going to put that into action right now.” Getting that reaction isn’t easy, but it’s what I strive for, because I know if our small business readers have it, they’ll come back — and then we have a relationship we can build on.
Donald Cowper
Small Business Writer |
Twitter handle: @DonaldCowper

{Ekaterina’s note} It’s worth mentioning that this summer Freshbook’s first ebook co-authored by Donald was downloaded more than 40 000 times on its first launch day and generated a lot of buzz on the web. Impressive, right?



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